Common Construction Worker Injuries

Construction injuries are very serious and can cause significant damage to workers. In 2010, construction accounted for more fatal work injuries than any other industry (Bureau of Labor Statistics). It is important for all employees to understand common construction worker injuries in order to prevent them. 

1. Falls

Construction workers are at risk to experience falls from ladders, cranes, roofs, or any other heights at work. Falls are known to be the most common type of construction injury.

2. Falling Objects

Construction workers are at risk of being struck by tools or materials that have not been secured properly.

3. Equipment Accidents

Heavy machinery is common on construction sites. Machinery can fail or be dangerous if not used properly.

4. Fires & Explosions

Construction sites often times can have hazardous materials that when exposed to flammable chemicals, can initiate a fire. Although fire and explosion injuries are less common, they can be the most dangerous and oftentimes cause fatal injuries.

5. Trench or Building Collapses

Construction workers are often exposed to trenches or new buildings being built or demolished. Buildings that are being demolished can suddenly collapse, causing serious injuries to those inside or nearby.

6. Repetitive Motion Injuries, Heat Stroke, and Overexertion:

Construction workers endure a lot of physical labor. Motion injuries, heat stress, muscle, and joint damage, or hypothermia are common if not taken proper care of.

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Courtesy of the FindLaw & Bureau of Labor Statistics

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