How are Your New Year’s Resolutions Going?

Digital clock displaying midnight

2020 started out like any other year. We toasted it in at parties with friends and we made New Year’s Resolutions. But a few months in, things started to go sideways. Take a moment to think back to January of 2020. What were your Resolutions? Did you want to hit the gym more? Eat better? Learn Spanish from one of those phone apps?

Even in normal years, some resolutions fail. Whatever it was that you wanted to improve in your life last January, it’s possible that the events of 2020 made keeping your resolutions more difficult. For example, your local gym may have literally closed its doors, for weeks or months last year.

But sometimes when one door closes, another opens. Have you had any time to reflect on the things you may have learned from the challenges of 2020? Maybe you learned to slow down while you were in lockdown and couldn’t go out to eat or go to the movies. Maybe you learned to value your family more, even while you were warned not to visit too often and not to visit in large numbers.

On a professional level, maybe you—or your people—learned more about how to stay safe. Your people are now following additional, and sometimes complex, health and safety rules that didn’t exist 12 months ago. Think about how quickly we all were able to get up to speed when we were first trying to slow the spread of the coronavirus and reopen our businesses and our lives. Rapidly adjusting to change became a national pastime.

If you haven’t yet made any resolutions for 2021, think about making a resolution that re-affirms your commitment to the health and safety of your people and your community. In 2021, we will be able to use our newly discovered flexibility to continue the work of making the jobsite better, healthier, and safer.

And if you did resolve to learn Spanish, you can practice that new language with Manufacturing Safety Meetings. We have Spanish translations of all our Safety Meetings. Maybe you already receive them, but if you don’t and you’d like to, please call us and we’ll add Spanish Meetings to your subscription.