Importance of Keeping a Log Book

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When working in an industry such as construction or manufacturing, keeping a record of daily projects and activities is exceptionally important. Not only is it legally required for employers in order to comply with OSHA safety standards, but it can also help your business's organization and productivity.

What information should be recorded in your log book?

  • Date, location, weather.
  • Contractor, job name, and number.
  • List of all employees at work site
  • Work completed.
  • Equipment used
  • Any special assignments.
  • Any issues that arise.
  • Any materials purchased.
  • Supervisor signature

Why is it important to record this information?

In the event of a work-related injury or accident, these facts will be required, and in most cases, 'he with the best records wins.' When disputes arise, the thoroughness of job site records is key - no one can argue your point if it is backed up by complete, consistent evidence.

These records can also help a supervisor or employer determine where things can improve if productivity is regressing, employees are not pulling their own weight or equipment is failing. He will be able to confidently make changes internally by regularly reviewing daily work logs.

Where can I find a good log book?

Safety Meeting Outlines offers several log book options for supervisors: the Green Standard Edition with one page for every day of the year, the Pocket Edition that can fit in a shirt or pants pocket, and the Blue Expanded Edition with two pages for every day of the year. You can even order your Daily Log online!

Don't skip out on keeping daily records; it is a worthy investment that will protect you, your business, and your employees. Check out Safety Meeting Outlines for log books and other safety education tools.

Safety Meeting Outlines provides employers in the construction and manufacturing industries with educational tools to keep the workplace safe. Visit our website to learn more about our products or to order online.

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