Most Common Workplace Incidents

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Workplace injuries and illnesses happen every day to workers all over the United States. Though not always true, many workplace injuries and illnesses are preventable. That is why safety practices in the workplace are so very important. The employees and employers of a business need safety guidelines to abide by so that they can conduct their work productively and without incident. A safe business is a business poised for productivity and success. Safety Meeting Outlines aims at helping organizations improve employee safety so that they can optimize potential and conduct business accident-free.

Learn the Most Common Types of Workplace Incidents

Part of creating an environment centered around safety is knowing the kind of safety threats you should be looking out for. Here are the ten most common preventable workplace incidents, according to the National Safety Council. The National Safety Council defines workplace incidents as, 'unplanned, undesired events that hinder completion of a task and may cause injury or other damage.'

  1. Overexertion Injuries
  2. Slipping/Tripping
  3. Falling From Heights
  4. Reaction Injuries
  5. Falling Object Injuries
  6. Walking Into Injuries
  7. Vehicle Crashes
  8. Machine Entanglement
  9. Repetitive Motion Injuries
  10. On The Job Violent Acts

Workplace Incident Statistics

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015 there were approximately 2.9 million reported nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in the private sector. That same year the public sector reported 752,600 injuries and illnesses. Workplace injuries and illnesses cost the United States about $250 billion annually. Many of those incidents are preventable and are caused precisely because routine safety guidelines are not met. However, preventable incidents are just that: preventable.

Safety Meeting Outlines Strives to Keep Your Workplace Safe

At Safety Meeting Outlines we work with organizations to help teach them safety-oriented behaviors and attitudes to prevent such incidents from occurring. Our focus is to not only teach business leaders how to create safe environments but to give them the tools to convey those lessons to their employees on a repeated basis. Our products include safety manuals, logbooks, weekly training programs, flashcards, checklists, and a toolbox of talk training for leadership to follow to conduct meetings.

If your business is looking to improve the safety and lives of its employees then consider getting help from the experts at Safety Meeting Outlines. We have assisted many businesses in creating safe environments that not only protect but also increase productivity and success. Become a member and get the materials you need to increase your organization's safety. Visit our online store and get started today!

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