Take Action to Prevent Your Back Pain

Side view of worker with backache while lifting box in the warehouse, they grimace

Back pain can affect other body parts, making everyday activities, including work, difficult and uncomfortable. Did you know that the way you do your work each day could contribute to back pain? Here's how.

Elements of Lifting That Can Lead To Back Pain

A few main elements involved with lifting can easily lead to back pain. Keep these in mind when lifting heavier objects in the workplace.


Lifting and moving heavy objects can strain your back and lead to injury.


Performing specific movements over and over can cause muscle fatigue.


Slouching over exaggerates the natural curve of your spine and can cause muscle fatigue or injury.

How to Prevent Back Pain

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent these things or minimize their effects. These steps keep you back in shape and up to the task. This information is courtesy of the Mayo Clinic:

Move every day

Adults should do at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity. Combine these aerobic activities, including walking and swimming, with exercises that stretch and strengthen your back muscles.

Be mindful of your posture.

Keep weight balanced on both legs and feet when standing, and keep your shoulders rolled back. If you sit throughout the day, choose a chair that allows you to keep both feet on the floor while your knees are level with the hips. Place a pillow behind your back to support the curve of the lower back.

Follow proper lifting procedure.

Always lift with the knees when carrying heavy objects. Keep the object close to your body so you can maintain the natural curve of your back. If the object is too heavy, never be afraid to recruit a co-worker to help you carry it safely. You can use lifting devices if they are available to you.

Change up your routine.

Alternate physically demanding tasks with less demanding ones so that you aren't putting constant strain on your body. You can position items on your desk correctly and use a headset if you use the phone frequently. Avoid unnecessary twisting, bending, and reaching.

Pay attention to your Body.

If you have been sitting straight for hours and feel tense, get up and walk around for a few minutes or do a stretch. If you are experiencing long-term pain, see a doctor immediately, as it could develop into something more serious.

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