Safety and Working in the Summer

construction worker protecting his face from the sun

Summer introduces a number of new safety risks to people who work primarily outside. The heat and intensity of the sun may feel good for a little bit, but when working under those conditions for hours on end you can be exposing yourself to serious health and safety risks. If you work outside or in an environment that has high temperatures the following is what you need to be aware of:

Risk of Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is the most recognized safety risk for people who work in high temperatures. Heat stroke occurs when your body can no longer regulate its own temperature, which can cause your body temperature to rise to 106 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, which is extremely dangerous. Symptoms of heat stroke include red, hot, and dry skin with no sweating, headaches, dizziness and nausea, unconsciousness, and rapid pulse. To avoid heat stroke you should drink plenty of water throughout the day, avoid caffeine, alcohol, and large quantities of sugar, and try to work when the heat is least intense. Your workplace should have policies in place to protect its employees from the risk of heat stroke. Construction safety training products can help you understand the changes that should be made in order to protect workers.

The Dangers of Hot Equipment

Outdoor workplaces, especially those that work heavily with metal and electricity, like construction sites, are at particular risk of having their equipment overheat. Overheating equipment can burn workers, short out, and cause electrocution damage to workers and the worksite. Workers should make sure they are wearing protective gear, such as gloves and hard hats, and are following safety procedures when handling equipment. Procedures such as these can be found in construction safety training products offered by Safety Meeting Outlines.

Safety Meeting Outlines Resources

If you own a manufacturing or construction business it's essential that you have the proper safety guidelines and tools in place to keep your workers safe. Safety Meeting Outlines provides safety training materials and meeting outlines to businesses so they can optimize productivity and maintain a safe work environment. Click here to view our construction safety resources. Contact us to learn what kind of products and training your business can benefit from.

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