Combatting Workplace Stress

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When employees of a business are overly stressed, the likelihood of an accident or injury increases while productivity decreases. Such situations will cost you and your business thousands of dollars. But how can you manage your employee's stress while ensuring all operations are running smoothly? Safety Meeting Outlines has resources that can help you better understand and combat workplace stress.

Common Causes of Workplace Stress

In order to manage employee stress, you must first know the top 10 factors that contribute to employee stress:

  • Personal conflict on the job
  • Inadequate staffing or budget
  • Employees not having the freedom to talk to one another
  • Employees not having enough control over their work
  • Management and employees not talking openly
  • Management being perceived as unsupportive
  • Reduction in employee benefits
  • Below-average benefits (sick and vacation days)
  • Bureaucratic red tape
  • Lack of reward for doing a good job

As you can see, a lot of these issues stem from a lack of communication and understanding. The fix lies in the hands of the supervisor. Speaking with your employees regularly and asking them their thoughts regarding the office environment, management, and the work itself.

Things You Can Do To Keep Your Workplace Stress Free

Here are some things you can do to ensure all employees feel satisfied and stress-free when they come to work each day:

  • Make sure you are hiring the right people for every position and that you are adequately preparing them for the job.
  • Give employees as much control over their work as possible.
  • Give employees a survey about what the major sources of stress are at your company.
  • Provide the necessary resources so that all employees can do their jobs well.
  • Communicate with employees clearly and often.
  • Teach managers proper managerial skills and hold them accountable.

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